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Who we are

About Sighthound Rescue South Africa

Welcome to Sighthound Rescue South Africa (SRSA), a dedicated sanctuary for sighthounds facing adversity and neglect. As a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 159-730), we are unwavering in our commitment to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome sighthounds throughout South Africa. Operating from Cape Town, our reach and compassion extend nationwide, ensuring these elegant dogs are nurtured and protected.


Our Mission

SRSA is driven by a mission that encompasses:

- Rescue and Rehabilitation: We provide urgent care to sighthounds that have been abandoned, mistreated, or abused. Our team is devoted to restoring their health and spirit, preparing them for a new chapter in life.

- Rehoming and Adoption: We passionately work towards finding loving, permanent homes for each sighthound. We believe in creating harmonious matches between these dogs and adoptive families, ensuring long-term happiness and stability.

Why Sighthounds Need Us

In South Africa, sighthounds face unique challenges. Often, they are misused for illegal racing, hunting, and betting. While the activities themselves may not directly harm the dogs, the associated mistreatment and neglect have devastating effects. Many sighthounds are kept in deplorable conditions, starved to enhance their prey drive, and those who fail to perform are subjected to horrific fates, including brutal killings or beatings.

This grim reality is what drives our work at SRSA. We strive to rescue these noble animals from such dire situations, provide them with the care and love they desperately need, and educate the public about the humane treatment of all animals.

Our Approach

Networking and Collaboration: We connect with shelters and foster networks across South Africa to identify sighthounds in need and intervene in their plight.

Community Engagement: SRSA actively engages with communities to raise awareness about the proper care of sighthounds and the cruel realities of their misuse.

Education and Advocacy: We educate the public on the unique nature of sighthounds, advocating for their welfare and striving to be a voice for these often misunderstood animals.

Join Our Cause

Your involvement, whether through adoption, volunteering, or donations, can profoundly impact the lives of these sighthounds. Together, we can end their suffering and offer them the life of dignity and love they deserve.

Meet The Team


Cheryl Campbell



Margaret Roesterhof

Board Member

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Francois Irvine

Board Member


Marisa Buffone

Board Member


Danielle Laity

Board Member

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